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Magarpatta City Religious Places

Magarpatta City Religious Places

Magarpatta City Religious Places

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Most of you must have seen this temple from outside or might have visited this temple as this is one of the biggest and oldest temples in surrounding where people visit on different occassion to perform Puja. During Shravan month, lot of devotees can be seen right from early morning till night.

Mahalaxmi Temple
History Of Temple

This Temple is historical and was known as Mariaai Temple in Hadapsar.Every house/family was used to offer Nevedya, Coconut & Flowers in Aashad Month to the only Temple of "Mata" . According to ancestors, there was used to be epidemic in each village, in form of Plague etc and in those situations, people were used to offer worship,donations and flowers and due to this the Goddess started getting known as Mariaai. People started visiting this temple in 1973 due to one saint, who came and stayed here in this temple.

The Saint was from "Nath" community and was staying in "Doli" under the Big tree Banyan tree("Vat Vriksha"). There was a historical Banyan tree within the temple, which had three big roots and a "doli" got formed among these three roots.Saint was meditating in this Doli. We 8-10 devotees were used to go there and used to read holy books(Granth).

In those days, Shiv Mandir got established here.We started celebrating Navratri & Shivratri Kojagiri, Deepawali festivals in Temple which is still continued.Nowadays a long queue of devotees can be seen on Shivratri and other festivals.

Gradually in next 8-10 years, the tree got dried, but before drying, one of its branches got new blossom, which we brought till floor and it gradually took shape of root.When again it got dried,it was cut with permission of Municipal Corp and the branch which got deep rooted to floor, was saved as the only remembrance of that Banyan tree and till today all the ladies of the village worship that Root/branch/tree on Vatsavitri Purnima.Auspicious Nagpanchmi festival is also celebrated.

There is one more Shetala Mata Temple, which is worshiped by all Sunar(Goldsmith) Marwadi families of the village.Earlier the alchohal was sold here and the entire village's drainage was passing here.Initially one small temple of stones was created here.Gradually we all further developed it bigger and open for all..

Today it has taken a nice shape and it has proper flooring, Water Tank, Compound wall, Gate, Seats and Tent house office in the premises. The temple consist of Ganesh ji, Shivlinga, Sai Baba, Naagdev, Mahalaxmi, Sheetala Mata, Mariaai  Mata and Dattatreya ji. There is one Shivlinga under the Peepal, which is also worshipped by many devotees.  Big Hanuman Mantra and Mahalaxmi Mantra can be seen here. Many trees are still existing in the premises.

The speciality of the Shiv temple is its "Gumbad", where you can hear the echo of "Om" which is felt by many who keeps chanting "Om" or "Om Namah shivay".
Temple is a sacred and holy place.Many people gets their wishes fullfilled here and they donate. various forms of tribute or gifts.
People come here to perform Shiv Abhishekam and Puja for their new vehicles. Pujariji is available here.
Beel patra, Coconut,flowers and some other Puja material is sold by small vendors in premises on Mondays and other special occassions/festivals.
Temple opens at 4.00 AM till 12 Noon and again from 4 PM to 9 PM.

If you want to perform some special Puja or want to donate for development of Temple, you can contact:
Shri Gajanan Magar(President)
M: 9881728899
Shri Babasaheb Magar(Secretary)
M: 9371006632/9822237674
You can use the premises for performing religious gatherings with permission only. The information is as provided by (minor additions by Etinmyarea Team)
Sh.Babasaheb Magar(Secretary)
Bunglaw no.2, Acacia Garden 3,
Magarpatta City, Pune 411013.