Vatsalyadham Maher in Manjari Khurd, Pune

    As part of iNautix tech Community partnership program, [CSR activity] I had an opportunity to visit Vatsalyadham Maher in Manjari Khurd. It is around 25km from Magarpatta City & Hadapsar. It has 3 Orphanage, (Sonchpha, Chhayadham, Neelkamal) home for mentally challenged women (Vatsalyadham),home for aged women (Sukhasandhya) , a big playground and a small farm.

    Maher NGO organization has taken responsibility to take care and support them.Objective of Maher is to provide a new life, motivation, self esteem and support to needy children and women. They try to make their life new and meaningful.

After travelling from various villages we reached by bus to Maher's Vatsalyadham. We went for an event called cleaning the children playing ground from stone and other obstruction.We were very pleased by affection and warmth displayed by the children and caretaker. They put tilak on each one of us. It was an amazing feeling to watch their smiling faces while they welcomed to us. For a moment, we forgot that they are mentally challenged and in fact we never realized that they were because they are as good or better than us. After that we gathered in a hall and all children and women sang the welcome song for us.

We all participated with them to clean the children play ground by picking stone and removing all obstruction in the playground. It took around 3.5 hrs to clean the ground. Children were very enthusiastic to participate. After cleaning the ground, children were happy to see their playground clean and more safe to play.Now they can run , jump freely in ground. I can't describe those feelings in words. After that we went to see their home and study classes. Each one of us tried to mingle with children and be friends with them. We tried to help them in their study and homework.

  While discussing with sister who takes care of aged women, I learnt that many of them were brought from street where they were begging and staying on footpath. After doing lot of healing and counselling, all those women improved a lot and are now enjoying their life here. Some of them went back to their home, however few of their relatives and parent denied recognizing them. It is very sad to know that people forget their parents and leave them to live on footpath with no money. NGO like MAHER is really supporting and upbringing them to live a normal & healthy life.

  Women and children also make lots of creative handmade products for diwali and house decoration.This showcases their talent and dedication. One should support to buy these which can help them to make their life a better place.

  How a country treats and values its elderly or mentally challenged people is extremely important and too often neglected.If you get a chance to visit NGO like MAHER, please give your time and support them.

  Help Maher to grow and bring love and happiness to all people in the world. Everyone can support this good cause and visit the below website for more details. feels proud to introduce
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