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Anne Thomas
Exercise Therapist

Dr. Harshad Kadam

Ms. Roopa Chechani
Yoga Instructor

Sagar Bhongle

Anjana Chugh


Dr Sachin Kashid
Dermatologist & Cosmetologist

Dr.Aashish Mathesul

Dr.Vrushali Maisekar

Dr.Vrushali Maisekar


Thank God ! Almost Everyone among us, wants to be part of the Best Area…best culture, best environment with best Social surrounding in economically stable system. But did we ever try to bring real change instead of simply critising it?

Devendra Sarda

Get Advantage
of being a
Part of a

Utilize your spare time with us to create a difference in someone’s life.
Join us for a Social cause to help the needy & underprivileged children of the Society.
“NO CASH HELP is accepted” To be the Volunteer OR
To nominate the person you wish to help OR
To suggest New ideas to make this Society a better Society

"I am excited to become part of AAM Social to work for the upliftment projects for real needy of our society"
Anne Thomas
(Life Zone)

"There are lot of people who can contribute time and energy to reduce the gap and overall development in Society, we decided to bring all such Enthusiast on single platform"
Devendra Sarda- Founder
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We are thankful to various Newspapers who have covered our initiative.

We respect the contribution of Newspapers/Media to trigger the creativity
and provide space to constructive activities.
Success achieved through New Concept & Innovative Thinking
Going Hyperlocal in Pune with listings of everything near you- ApneAreaMein
Exclusive Interview: Devendra Sarda CEO of
News Coverage about ApneAreaMein in Aaj Ka Anand on 14th January,2012
News Coverage about ApneAreaMein in Sakal on 15th January,2012
News Coverage about ApneAreaMein in Navbharat Times on 16th January,2012
News Coverage about ApneAreaMein in Pudhari on 25th January,2012