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Are you new to a city ? Join existing Kitty Groups or create new Group. Enjoy host of benefits of being part of Kitty in Style Portal.

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As a busy user you want refined data which you can use instantly.So here you get everything with in 3-4 Km radius, because we understand value of your time and energy and do not want it to get wasted on Road.

Order Online

Our Order online feature allow you to Order Food, Grocery, Cakes & Bouquet online. It also allow you to Book the Table in Restaurants as well to order from your Mobile with proper calculations, even when you are sitting in Restaurant itself !

Second Hand Sell

Selling Used item is easy when it is to be delivered in surrounding and Buying is safe when we get chance to see it/show it to expert, and buy from somebody in surrounding. Buy & Sell Used items ApneAreaMein

Apne Area Mein Job

Most of the people responded that nothing can be better than avoiding Traffic Jam, Exertion & Time wastage in going and coming from Job daily ! Employer would see low attrition and Employee will enjoy better life.Now Search Job ApneAreaMein.

Kitty Party

Kitty Party is no more a place to pass time, but has become important for Creative activities, Decision making on Shopping and other matters and Sharing ideas.Now with Kitty in Style, stay secure while exchanging thoughts as it is only for Women.It will also help you to connect to like minded Ladies from surrounding quickly, even if you are new to City.

Event & News

Share News of upcoming events, and you can check events ApneAreaMein which you can easily attend.Photos of Events can be uploaded by Users also(Approval needed.)

Raise issue

Most of the issues are area specific and handled also by separate authorities.Here you get chance to raise the issue in the area and it will show collective result in Graphs for relevant authorities to understand the gravity of issue and resolve in right manner.

Aam Groop / Hobby Group

No pseudo social Network. You can use the AAM GROOP(yes, not Group) to connect others through Mobile friendly Website and communicate and meet, simultaneously you can create your Hobby Groups and meet personally frequently in surroundings.

Religious places/ NGO

Many of the IT professionals and Young families try to find Religious places only on special occassion and festivals.Simultaneously many people want to help the NGO. Share and use details as per your need.

Aam Guidance

Getting initial opinion is a problem as we are not sure, which Doctor to approach and getting Second opinion is also sometime tough.So this resolves the issue of getting basic generalised guidance from Doctors in surrounding.

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